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Alquilar un cuarto en un hotel

Front Desk: Welcome to the Wyatt Hotel. Can I help you?

Alex: I want a room, please?

Front Desk: A single or a double?

Alex: A double, please?

Front Desk: What is your name, please?

Alex: Alex Pinto

Front Desk: Could you spell that please?

Alex: P i n t o

Front DeskHow many people are staying with you?

Alex: Just two. My wife and I.

Front DeskHow many nights are you going to stay?

Alex: Just tonight.

Front Desk: How are you going to pay?

Alex: Is Visa OK?

Front Desk: That's fine. Do you want a wake-up call?

Alex" Yes, please. For 6:30. Do you have a pool?

Front desk: Yes, we do. On the 2nd floor. Here's your key. That's room 405 on the fourth floor.

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Conseguir un taxi

Bob: Send me a taxi to the Sheraton Hotel on Jupiter and Walnut, please.'

Clerk: Sure. It will be there in fifteen minutes.

Bob: Thanks

Driver: What's the address

Bob: 2450 Broadway Ave. How much is it to take me there?

Driver:$50.00 Dollars.

Bob: How long will it be to get there?

Driver: About 20 minutes.

Bob: Give me a receipt, please.

Driver: Certainly!

Bob: Thanks

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Waiter:  Good morning. Can I help you?

Susan: What's for breakfast?.

Waiter: Here’s the menu. Would you like some coffee?

Susan: Yes, please.

Waiter: OK. I’ll be right back.

Waiter: Here's the coffee, cream and sugar. Are you ready to order?

Susan: Yes. I would like pancakes, two scrambled eggs and bacon.

Waiter: Did you come yesterday morning too?

Susan: Yes, I did. I had a toast with jelly and hot milk.

Waiter: Great! We are glad to see you back here.

Susan: Thank you. I like your restaurant.

Waiter: Can I get you anything else?

Susan: Yes, please. I would also like orange juice.

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Sarah: I would like to buy a ticket to Mexico City

Sonia: One way or round trip?

Sarah: Round trip.

Sonia: When do you want to fly?

Sarah: June 1st.

Sonia: What time do you want to depart?

Sarah: Any time in the morning.

Sonia: American has a flight at 8:45 am.

Sarah: Perfect!

Sonia: When are you coming back?

Sarah: June 15th.

Sonia: There is a flight departing from Mexico at 4:00 pm.

Sarah: That sounds fine.

Sonia: Ok. The round trip ticket is $850.00. Are you paying cash?

Sarah: No, I'm not. I am using my credit card.

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BOB: May I help you?

SUSAN: Yes, I would like to buy a dress?

BOB: OK. Let me show you.

SUSAN: I like this blue dress.

BOB: It is nice

SUSAN: Can I see that purple dress over there?

BOB: Sure. Here it is.

SUSAN: Thank you. What color is that dress there?

BOB: I think it is aqua.

SUSAN: I like it very much. How much is it?

BOB: We have it on sale now. It is only $65.00

SUSAN: Good! I want it.

BOB: Any thing else?.

SUSAN: No, thanks. 

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Oscar: Excuse me. Is there a post office near here?

Sarah: Yes, the post office is near here.

Oscar: Where is the post office?

Sarah: It is on Josey Ln. and Dennis.

Oscar: How do I get to the post office from here?

Sarah: Go straight on Valley View to Josey Ln. Turn right and go pass Dennis. The post office is on the right.

Oscar Could you please repeat that slowly? 

Sarah: Let me draw a map for you.

Oscar: Thank you very much.

Sarah: You are welcome.


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Sarah: Hello, Oscar.

Sarah: This is my brother, Thomas.

Oscar: Hi, Thomas. Nice to meet you.

Thomas: Nice to meet you too, Oscar

Sarah: Thomas is studying Spanish.

Oscar: Do you like Spanish?

Thomas: Yes, I like Spanish.

Oscar: Do you speak other languages?.

Thomas: Yes, I speak some French.

Oscar: I'm impressed!

Thomas: Thank you.


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Sarah: Where do you live?

Oscar: I live in Dallas.

Sarah: What is your address?

Oscar: 1525 Sylvan Ave.

Sarah: What is your telephone number?

Oscar:  (214) 354-1210.

Sarah: How many children do you have?

Oscar: I have four children.

Sarah: Are they boys or girls?

Oscar: I have two boys and two girls.

Sarah: What do you do for a living?

Oscar: I am a mechanic. 

Sarah: Are you married?

Oscar: Yes, I am married.

Sarah: Where were you born?

Oscar: I was born in Tapachula, Mexico.


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