Narración (8)

Narración 8

Sue likes to eat breakfast at Denny's. She likes to order pancakes and an omelette. She drinks apple juice and black coffee. Her husband orders a french toast and scrambled eggs.  He drinks grapefruit juice and coffee. He likes cream and sugar with his coffee.

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Narración 7

My husband goes to Peru every year. He takes the DART train to DFW Airport. He buys the  ticket on-line. His friend, Mike, also travels every year. He flies to Argentina. His wife takes him to the Airport. Mike buys his ticket from a travel agent.

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Narración 6

Maria's blouse is blue. She has a white skirt too. Her white skirt goes well with her blue blouse. She likes to buy clothes. Maria’s husband, Jose, has a dark suit. He also has many ties. Jose likes to wear his suits and his ties.

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Narración 5

Maria gets up at six o’clock.  Her work starts at eight o’clock.  Maria likes her job.  She goes home at five o’clock.  Maria has dinner at six o’clock.  She likes to play with her children.  At ten o’clock.  Maria goes to bed.

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Narración 4

Maria lives two blocks from the park.  She walks to the library every day.  The library is in front of the grocery store.  On the right of the grocery store, there is a salon where she cuts her hair.  Maria lives to the left of her sister.  She walks there every day to pick up her children.

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Narración 2

Maria lives in Los Angeles.  Her address is 454 La Cienaga.  Her telephone number is 972-957-8251.  Maria has 6 children.  She has 2 boys and 4 girls. She is a housewife.

Jose lives in Long Beach.  His address is 567 Miramar.  His telephone number is 469-597-4680.  Jose is single.  He has no children.


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